Friday, February 14, 2014

Butterfly Chapstick Valentine's Day Gifts

Happy Valentines Day!!  

I wanted to show you a quick and easy Valentine's gift that would work for either co-workers or Valentine's exchange in your childrens' class rooms.

To get started you will need:

First, hoop your stabilizer and felt, then put the hoop in your machine.

Following the stitch steps on the machine, stitch out the butterflies. (Using software, I was able to merge six butterflies onto one hoop to help the sew the patterns out faster.)

While the felt is still in the hoop, use scissors or a seam ripper to make cuts in the butterfly to hold the Chapstick.

Once completed, take the felt out of your hoop and trim away each butterfly.  They will look like this!

Since I am making these for some ladies at work, I added some rhinestone bling!

I put each butterfly in a heart decorated bag and tied it together with ribbon.

Hope the ladies at work enjoy these gifts as much as I enjoy making them!

Happy Valentine's Day!!