Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lil' Chick or chic bibs for the nephews

Sunday I took my kids to an Easter egg hunt. We didn't attend our regular church, but the church I grew up in as a child. With my two nephews dressed in my mom's traditional "buy her new grandchild their first Easter outfit", I decided to add my own touch!

I made Jameson and Jack Easter Bibs!

I bought the blank bibs at Babies R US and the Applique from the website Applique Planet. Using my Brother SE400, put it all together. For the chick, I used a fuzzy flannel.

Both little men were so cute!! The bottom of the egg is a little pocket. It was so easy to make!

Here they are!

Jack on the left and Jameson on the right!


I can't wait to make their next bibs! Something for our summer campmeeting!

A bowl full of lemons.: Silhouette GIVEAWAY!!!!

A bowl full of lemons.: Silhouette GIVEAWAY!!!!: "A SILHOUETTE GIVEAWAY!! I was sent a Silhouette Rhinestone Starter kit this month, to try out and giveaway along with a Silhouette SD Mac..."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We have a winner!!

Congratulations to #22 who said:

Lisa Marie said...

Tweeted about your giveaway!

Thank you all so very much that enter and tweeted and FB!!
Now, got to go finish my Database project!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time for a Giveaway!!

It is time for a giveaway!!

As many of you know my husband Jeff is a professional actor. He is currently recurring on three televisions shows: Drop Dead Diva, Army Wives and Teen Wolf. To celebrate his success, I would like to offer one lucky reader a complete set of the family feature film series that resurrected his career almost 8 years ago, "The Sugar Creek Gang".
Jeff stars in each film as Theodore Collins, the father of young Bill, the leader of the "gang". These films are based on the popular faith-based books of the same name by Paul Hutchens.

Now, how do you get to be that lucky reader??

All you have to do is be a follower of this blog and leave me a comment letting me know you want to enter. It's that simple!!

Now, if you want to increase your odds...

For extra entries ~

1. "Like" my husband's fan page on Facebook ~ Jeff Rose ~ and post a comment on his wall stating you are not only a fan of his, but you are also a fan of MINE ( :

2. Follow me on twitter.

3. Tweet about this giveaway.

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5. Blog about this giveaway.

Just leave separate comments telling me about each post.

This giveaway ends April 19 -
I will announce the winner on April 20th.

Ps.. I can get Jeff to autograph the movies or a headshot (for kicks and giggles if you want).....


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Survivers Day Marcus

30 years ago today my brother Marcus and I decided we wanted to go to church revival with my Grandparents. We lived in Cartersville at the time and the revival was at my Uncle's church in Powder Springs. The drive was a good 45 minutes - to an hour.

My brothers and I were always in church. If my parents didn't take us, my grandparents did! We lived next door to my grandparents and so, for them, taking us places was sometimes a must. Any time we heard their car crank all of us kids would rush over to see if we could go. Those days - the early 70's - are some of the best memories of my life.

(My Granddaddy and Mammy in Lakeland, FL at church camp)

My grandparents were my world. I was the first grandchild to Tom and Sarah Martha Chapman and they were my neighbors. I would sometimes sneak over to their house have my Mammy call my mom to see if I could come over. It is so funny -- now, I live ne

I would sell Avon with my Mammy. I wanted to be so much like her. She was a Saint in my eyes. She taught School, was president of the Women's Missionary Society, and a friend to everyone. She taught me how to sew on my Holly Hobbie sewing machine, how to crochet, and how to cross stitch. In the fall she would sit up all night with me when I had bronchitis and nurse me with a honey and lemon concoction and a peppermint stick. She was a prayer warrior. How many times did I hear her call my name while she was on her knees talking to God?

My Grandaddy gave me his love. He also gave me his love of collecting writing pens, coins from his collection, and his ability to carry on a conversation with anybody!

But, 30 years ago my family's lives changed dramatically.
My mom was pregnant with my youngest brother, Thomas. She was with her best friend who was home recovering from surgery when she got the call that her parents and two of her children were involved in a car accident.

Just a little over halfway to our church revival, a woman who had her three children with her in her car, reached to the backseat for her purse and ran a stop sign. She t-boned us on the driver's side.

In 1981, seatbelts were not mandatory. So none of us were wearing one. We were riding in a two-door blue pinto station wagon. It had two bucket seats, a middle row, and at flat bed in the back.

(Me at a wedding with my grandparents, me with my grandaddy and brother Robby - I was always with them.)

I was sitting in the center of the middle row and Marcus was playing with his little cars in the back. When I woke up after the accident, I remember trying to get out of the car. Someone down the road had heard the accident and came running out and gave me a sweater before I passed out again.

When the ambulances finally got to the scene they put me in the front seat beacuse I was not hurt as bad and put my Grandaddy in the back. I think that Marcus was in the back, too. I remember trying to jump out of the ambulance because I could not figure what was going on.

When we arrived at the hospital, I was able to give the doctor my home phone number and they finally got in touch with my Dad. Dad hurried to picked up my Mom and they drove to the hospital.

When my parents arrived they were told that Marcus and I were going to be okay, but that my Grandaddy was in serious condition. My Mom could not find any information on my Mammy. Finally, after much asking, a woman coldly told my mom that she was dead. WOW! What compassion! Such a gentle way to learn your mom had passed away!

My Grandaddy had broken all the major bones in his body but was still alive. Marcus needed some stitches in his head because his head had gone through the side window and the metal rim had wrapped around his neck.

I stayed in the hospital for a few days. I remember crying so much and thinking how my Mammy had been making me an Easter dress. Now, I wouldn't have one for Easter Sunday. But a very sweet lady from our church bought me one and brought it to me at the hospital.

After many tests I was released to go home. Weeks later, it was found that Marcus had glass in his head and was having some bleeding. Thankfully, that issue was addressed and taken care of.

On April 14, seven days after the accident, my Grandaddy went to be with Mammy (and Jesus). My entire world changed in one week. I guess that was some big stuff for a ten year old.

My grandparents were my world.

But, because of that accident, a man that was keeping my cousins so my uncle could be at the hospital, accepted Jesus after seeing how - as a family - we were able to get through the tragedy.

Marcus is now the lead High School teacher at a Christian school, the Associate Pastor and Youth Pastor at our church -- the exact same church we headed to for that revival.

I work the multi-media at the same church.

God welcomed home two saints that week long ago, but also spared two lives...(and four lives in the other car). I even ended up in a highschool class with one of the girls in the wreck and she never knew it.

Here I am now, so much like my Mammy and talking so much like my Grandaddy!

PS... I am so proud of my mom!! She has endured so much heartache! She is the strongest woman I know and I am so blessed to be her daughter.
What a legacy they have left!! I miss them so much.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fleur de lis Towel


Finally! I have a chance to sit down and write...

Last week was filled with homework, tests, 2 kids with strep, I had bacterial/viral sinusitis and Jeff was in
LA being "Mr. Hollywood".

It was a LONG week.

Jeff finally arrived home last night about 11 pm. He had been in Los Angeles for the 168 Film Festival, where he was an award presenter with Sarah Drew from "Grey's Anatomy".

I have so many things I need to post just to catch up, so I will start with my "Fleur de Lis" applique dishtowel.

I bought this waffle textured dish towel and black pot holder the last time I was at the Dollar tree.

I downloaded the fleur de lis embroidery pattern from DigiStitches, a
website I love to purchase appliques from.

This pattern allows for you to use two different fabrics, so I used two that I had on hand.

I hooped my towel and sewed my outline.

Next, I put down my first fabric and stitched the design. Once the design was tacked down, I trimmed the fabric and stitched the design.

I took the second fabric, laid it in the middle, and sewed the middle section. Once the middle was tacked down, I trimmed the fabric and finally sewed the
last of the trim.

Once the applique was finished, I took the potholder and the towel and folded them in half finding the middle of both. Next, I aligned the middle of the towel and potholder and laid them right sides together and sewed down the middle of the pot holder. Then I was able to attach a button to the front side of the potholder and attach it to my stove.

I love it! It stays on the oven door and will not come off! If the instructions are not clear, please let me know and I will take more photos and add. I have a cousin getting married in June and want to make a few for her.

Thank you for visiting!! I would love to have you follow therapy4roses ~ I am planning on having a giveaway and you wouldn't want to miss it!