Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Me Again!

I wanted to show you something I made for a neighbor/co-worker.

Ms. Imani lives across the street from me. She is the sweetest lady. About 2 years ago she was talking with my mom about looking for a new job and I had told my mom that I had an opening in my department at work. My sweet mom hooked us up on the phone and we have worked together ever since.

Last week was Ms. Imani's birthday and I wanted to make her something. A work we are all about being crafty and frugal.

I took items I had on hand and made her this:

The frame came from the Dollar Tree. I love it! I had some gold metallic striped paper that I lined the back of the frame. With card stock, i cut the butterfly out with the cricut. I put the butterfly on the mat with foam dots.

I have more of these frames that I plan on using in my bathroom when we finish putting up the molding. I have two frames with both of my children silhouettes in them.


Easter Baskets

So sorry not to be blogging much. Getting closer to the end of the semester it seems that the professors try to stuff as much in as possible! Say prayers for me tonight, I am so stuffy and Mr. Hollywood has a big "Diva" job this week and I do not want to get him sick.

Looking forward to Easter, I wanted to have baskets for the kids that they could use all year long. I found these ice buckets at Target in the dollar bins (they were actually 2.50), perfect!

Then with my cricut (the greatest gift ever - last year : ) ~ I cut out my babies names. I wanted to see just how contact paper would work instead of using the vinyl sold in the cricut dept. and it seems so far to do well!

I used white contact paper bought at Wal-Mart.

I think they turned out pretty well!

Only time will tell how well these letters will hold on. Brody decided he wanted an owl on his and I put a butterfly on Kayla's.

I do hope to get more posted this week!


Monday, March 8, 2010

The DIYDish

Hey! Sorry I have been MIA. Between mid-terms, sick children, and on going work related projects, I hope to have some homemade goodies to post this week.

I have been trying to clean out my google reader tonight and I found these sisters that have a wonderful blog. Their website is called TheDIYDish. They are having a giveaway for two lucky winners (and I so need this!) of the Janome 350e Embroidery Machine and the Janome DC4030 Sewing Machine.

You should check out their video! I cant wait to make the felt flowers.