Sunday, January 31, 2010


To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the sound of old hymns. I have attended church all of my life and every summer I still go to church camp. When some classic hymns begin to play, I can close my eyes and hear my Mammy (my grandmother) and Granddaddy singing them with joy. When I hear other hymns, I listen and cry because as a baby my Dad would rock me to sleep singing and humming them. That makes me miss him so much. My dad had such a beautiful voice. He sang like an angel.

My Mammy used to sing me those hymns while I sat beside her at her piano. I still own that piano. Since my SIL and I have been working to beautify my Mom's entrance-way, we recently moved my Mammy's piano to that very spot. After seeing the Living with Lindsay's tutorial, I made a wreath to hang by the piano. I used the pages of an old hymnal that my brother gave me. I distressed the edges and attached the pages to the wreath, bringing back floods of great memories every time we come through Mom's door.

I'll add photos soon!

This week my SIL at All Things Pink and Crafty made my Mom decorative blocks that spell the word T-R-U-S-T using more hymn pages. My Mom's favorite scripture is "Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart". Right now Mom is leaning on HIM as she watches her best friend of 44 years battle pancreatic cancer. Please keep Judy in your prayers.

I hope my Mom doesn't read this yet, but I made her these coasters to go along with the wreath and blocks. She hasn't received these yet. I am waiting for the sealant to dry.

I used some of my favorite hymns ("How Firm a Foundation", "Rock of Ages" my dad would hum me to sleep with..."Victory in Jesus", and "Wonderful Grace of Jesus"). I applied the pages to tile with Mod Podge and used a roller to get rid of any bubbles. I distressed the edges with black distressing ink. I applied two more coats of Mod Podge and let dry. I hope she loves them. I want to make more for her cabin at church camp.

I plan on posting more projects this week. I built a bookshelf and the paint is drying in the garage. I still need to put the finishing touches on my bathroom.

Mr. Hollywood and I are driving to Charleston this week. He is shooting yet another episode of "Army Wives". Stay tuned to find out what happened to Major Ogden and Colonel Burton at the end of season 3. (I know...but I can't tell!) Hehehehe ;o)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The one time I stopped to read directions, still didn't turn out!

I know I am the only one that jumps into projects with out reading the directions. I cant help it. I figure the directions are there if I can't figure it out first. :)

I am so proud of myself, I went out and bought a Jig Saw. I have been wanting to build something, ignoring the fact I have 2 quizzes and a project due Sunday, I still wanted to build ~ it's in my blood. I saw these incredible shelves at Knock Off Wood and at Beneath My Heart and I assumed I could do that, It looked kinda easy, but I need a saw to make "Curves".

I did my Home Depot and Lowe's homework and found a saw that would work for me. I brought it home admired it and got charged. I had to go back to home depot because I wanted to do this right and needed to get Curve cutting blade. I brought the blade home and started reading the directions. Since I work on a computer all day I need to keep my fingers so I wanted to make sure I inserted the blade and knew how to work the machine. Not having my dad around to help me I try to be a little more careful.... So anyway, I go out to the garage, clamp down my pre-cut wood and make the cutest little curves. I was so proud. I hammered those little guys to the side and I could feel life's frustrations pound away -- until, I realized the HD guy cut the slats too short for the front of the book shelf.

GRRR....., my now frustration had turned to anger as I pulled the planks apart. I don't want to go back to HD. Maybe tomorrow night I can cut the shelf a little shorter. By then I should have some pictures to post!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm back with a finished product!!

I have the babies in bed, and asleep. I have had my shower and finished my quiz, 100%. Now I am in the bed, my office :( , and ready to post.

Almost everyday one of my two babies either draws me something at school, at Sunday School, children's church or just doodling at home. My fridge is covered in drawings, that eventually fall on the floor and usually end in the trash. I have no place for stuff!!

While looking around on a blog I have in my reader I stumbled upon another blog called Brown Paper Packages. Being curious, I did some looking around and found these art clip boards. How cool and easy do these look like to make, so I did.

I bought a piece of 1x2x36 from Joann's, with a coupon, and also some small clothes pins.

I measured the board and cut it in half with my dremel. Next, I spray painted both pieces of board and 6 clothes pins, front and back in black. After they had all dried, i measured the boards again and drilled small holes.

I took some burlap like ribbon I bought off the target Christmas clearence and threadded it through the holes and knotted the ends.

To decorate the clothes pins I cut small strips of paper and fed the pieces through my xyron sticker maker and attached them to the front of the clothe pins. So easy!

I attached the clothes pins to the boards with E6000 glue. When the glue dried, i took some small embellishments i printed off of the cricut, threaded them through the xyron sticker maker and added them for decoration.

Here are the finished products!

Don't know if I like the ribbon??
What do you think??

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't Give Up on Me Yet

Sorry I have not posted in a few days. I was so gung-ho when I started this blog. I missed work today because I had a migrane last night and this morning I was useless. Mr. Hollywood (aka Husband) got the kids up and off to school. I got up just to make sure they had everthing. Now, usually when I get up I am up, but I told myself I would lay back down for a few more minutes. The next thing I knew it was 12:00 pm.

I had planned to put on a roast and do homework, now the morning was gone. I guess the Lord knew I need the rest.

Supper is finished, and the kids are in bed while being told stories of the Hobbit. I am back to homework.... blah! I have some projects drying in the garage and will promise to post something soon. Just dont give up on me. Im tring to find balance : )

Oh, by the way, I did get quite a large of free 90's scrap fabric from some nice lady over the weekend. Gotta love the freecycle.


Friday, January 15, 2010


During this last Christmas, a group of ladies from work decided to exchange homemade/handmade gifts. I had seen several blogs of handmade coasters and gave it a try.

I had seen Traci @ Beneath My Heart use decorative napkins and made beautiful coasters. I encourage anyone that has not visited her blog to do so. She is so talented and beautiful. She has no idea how much she has inspired me.

I started with white tiles bought at Lowe's, 2 matching scrapbook papers cut to tile size, modpodge, a brush, roller, acrylic sealer and felt.

I began by coating each tile with modpodge and then covered the tile with the paper. I cut the paper to fit just on top of the tile. I did not cover the sides. I ended up trimming some of the sides.

Once a little dry, I took my roller and pressed the paper to get rid of any bubbles. The roller I bought at Lowe's.

After the tiles dried, I gave them a second coat of modpodge.

After they had completely dried, I took a nail file and sanded around the edges. This helps the coasters from not looking like I just slapped paper on it.

Then I took my distressing ink and coated the edges of the paper and sides of the coasters. I would put the ink on really wet and then wipe it off with a paper towel.
The ink gave the tile almost a wood look to it.

After the ink had dried, I took the tiles out into the garage and sprayed them with an acrylic sealer. I applied about three coats of sealer, letting them dry in between coats.

I wrapped a pretty bow around them and was finished. They turned out so beautiful. I cant wait to make more.

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Check out the site for more great ideas!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can I just say "I LOVE FREECYCLE"

Yes, I really do.

Two days ago I went online to to create a "wanted" post. I hate asking for anything, but I did it anyway. I posted that I was looking for pieces of pegboard to hang on the wall in my garage. Of course I got this idea from my SIL. She already has pegboard installed in her garage.

Anyway..... today I got an email from someone who had 2 pieces of 2' x 4' pegboard and it was mine if I wanteded. I called my soon-to-be married brother to go with me, just in case, and in 20 min. I had my board. YEAH!!!

Of course, I promised my brother lunch and realized at the drive through window all means of money were in my jeans at home :( So now I owe him 2 lunches! Thank you Berta!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

About my new dishes.....

I have been wanting a new set of dishes for a while, but a new set of dishes is just not in our budget. Well leave it to me ..... have you heard of a site called Freecycle?

Freecycle is a network of people grouped by area that give "stuff away". When you first go to the website you will want to search in the area that you live. Next, create an account and start browsing. You can post items you want to get rid of or you can post items you need. It just has to be free.

Over Christmas break a lady posted that she had about 8 - 10 pieces each of dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, and saucers of the Mikasa French Countryside dinnerware. I googled to see the set and sent her an email.

You have to be quick answering the posts, it is first come first serve on the items. Within ten minutes she emailed me back and said they were mine. All I had to do is go to her porch and pick them up. She only lived 2 miles from my house. How awesome is FREE!!

She has since emailed me and said if she finds any more pieces she will let me know.


Monday, January 11, 2010

The Dish Mat

Back in November I was visiting blog after blog to see if I could come up with some DIY Christmas projects. In my search, I saw Edie over @ Life in Grace was hosting 12 days of handmade Christmas. She featured 12 creative and talented guest posters showing homemade/handmade goodies.

Day 1 was presented by Darby from Fly through Our Window. She gave step by step directions on sewing together a Dish Mat. Now I always have a towel on my counter for unloading the dishwasher, but how cute was this. I could not wait to get started. Unfortunately it took me longer to get started than I wanted, but I finally did it.

I had planned on piecing different fabrics together, but I ended up using a damask printed fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon. The white towel on the under side is one I bought at Ross.

With the wrong sides together I sewed the two together. Then turned it in side out and closed the end. That was all there was to it! So easy!!

I know I will be making more of these sooner rather than later. I have some wedding showers to plan/attend in the coming weeks. These will make excellent shower gifts, hostess gifts and just to have around the kitchen.

Here are more photos of the finished mat:

Front and Back

And here with dishes...... and I have a story about these dishes!!!

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My first Post!!!

Ok, I am very nervous about this post. I am not a writer and will probably have many gramatical and spelling errors. I am more the computer/math/science geeky kinda girl. For months I have been following tons of crafting blogs and my head and notebook are filled with things to do. I am going to start checking them off.

For Christmas/Birthday this year (09), I received a Cricut and two dremels (different kinds) so I am ready to get my craft on.

I believe in giving credit to those things I have seen and made and will link to the posts of where I got my faboulous ideas! Jennifer (my wonderful SIL) i will need your constant encouragement!! LUM