Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can I just say "I LOVE FREECYCLE"

Yes, I really do.

Two days ago I went online to to create a "wanted" post. I hate asking for anything, but I did it anyway. I posted that I was looking for pieces of pegboard to hang on the wall in my garage. Of course I got this idea from my SIL. She already has pegboard installed in her garage.

Anyway..... today I got an email from someone who had 2 pieces of 2' x 4' pegboard and it was mine if I wanteded. I called my soon-to-be married brother to go with me, just in case, and in 20 min. I had my board. YEAH!!!

Of course, I promised my brother lunch and realized at the drive through window all means of money were in my jeans at home :( So now I owe him 2 lunches! Thank you Berta!

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