Sunday, January 31, 2010


To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the sound of old hymns. I have attended church all of my life and every summer I still go to church camp. When some classic hymns begin to play, I can close my eyes and hear my Mammy (my grandmother) and Granddaddy singing them with joy. When I hear other hymns, I listen and cry because as a baby my Dad would rock me to sleep singing and humming them. That makes me miss him so much. My dad had such a beautiful voice. He sang like an angel.

My Mammy used to sing me those hymns while I sat beside her at her piano. I still own that piano. Since my SIL and I have been working to beautify my Mom's entrance-way, we recently moved my Mammy's piano to that very spot. After seeing the Living with Lindsay's tutorial, I made a wreath to hang by the piano. I used the pages of an old hymnal that my brother gave me. I distressed the edges and attached the pages to the wreath, bringing back floods of great memories every time we come through Mom's door.

I'll add photos soon!

This week my SIL at All Things Pink and Crafty made my Mom decorative blocks that spell the word T-R-U-S-T using more hymn pages. My Mom's favorite scripture is "Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart". Right now Mom is leaning on HIM as she watches her best friend of 44 years battle pancreatic cancer. Please keep Judy in your prayers.

I hope my Mom doesn't read this yet, but I made her these coasters to go along with the wreath and blocks. She hasn't received these yet. I am waiting for the sealant to dry.

I used some of my favorite hymns ("How Firm a Foundation", "Rock of Ages" my dad would hum me to sleep with..."Victory in Jesus", and "Wonderful Grace of Jesus"). I applied the pages to tile with Mod Podge and used a roller to get rid of any bubbles. I distressed the edges with black distressing ink. I applied two more coats of Mod Podge and let dry. I hope she loves them. I want to make more for her cabin at church camp.

I plan on posting more projects this week. I built a bookshelf and the paint is drying in the garage. I still need to put the finishing touches on my bathroom.

Mr. Hollywood and I are driving to Charleston this week. He is shooting yet another episode of "Army Wives". Stay tuned to find out what happened to Major Ogden and Colonel Burton at the end of season 3. (I know...but I can't tell!) Hehehehe ;o)

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  1. Oh, I just love you. I sing my girls to sleep with Amazing Grace and Come Thou Fount, and my grandmother piano is sitting in my foyer. My grandmother recently gave me a hymnal from when she was a girl and of course I am not going to rip it up, but was thinking of doing a shadow box with it. You have inspired me to get busy with it. Can't wait to see all your pictures.

    God Bless,
    Cha Cha

  2. I can hear my Little Mama's voice singing "Israel, Israel, God is Calling" in her soft south Georgia voice. Everybody in that little church slid from note to note. As a young musician it bothered me (not technically correct!), but certainly sung with the Spirit! Now I smile everytime I sing that song and her favorite hymn, "Rock of Ages". She's my gmother and has been gone since 1984.
    Oh! And I was raised in Charleston! I love that place so much. All my family is still there, while I live in Salt Lake City, another beautiful place.

  3. What a beautiful idea. I have some coasters that I am re-making and I might just have to dig out that old hymnal in storage that I wasn't sure what to do with. Thanks & have a lovely day!!

  4. I love hymns. Nothing better that an old classic to touch your heart :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"