Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The one time I stopped to read directions, still didn't turn out!

I know I am the only one that jumps into projects with out reading the directions. I cant help it. I figure the directions are there if I can't figure it out first. :)

I am so proud of myself, I went out and bought a Jig Saw. I have been wanting to build something, ignoring the fact I have 2 quizzes and a project due Sunday, I still wanted to build ~ it's in my blood. I saw these incredible shelves at Knock Off Wood and at Beneath My Heart and I assumed I could do that, It looked kinda easy, but I need a saw to make "Curves".

I did my Home Depot and Lowe's homework and found a saw that would work for me. I brought it home admired it and got charged. I had to go back to home depot because I wanted to do this right and needed to get Curve cutting blade. I brought the blade home and started reading the directions. Since I work on a computer all day I need to keep my fingers so I wanted to make sure I inserted the blade and knew how to work the machine. Not having my dad around to help me I try to be a little more careful.... So anyway, I go out to the garage, clamp down my pre-cut wood and make the cutest little curves. I was so proud. I hammered those little guys to the side and I could feel life's frustrations pound away -- until, I realized the HD guy cut the slats too short for the front of the book shelf.

GRRR....., my now frustration had turned to anger as I pulled the planks apart. I don't want to go back to HD. Maybe tomorrow night I can cut the shelf a little shorter. By then I should have some pictures to post!


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  1. Oh, lifes set backs. But just remember You made progress, you learned to cut curves yourself. That is progress.

    Cha Cha