Friday, February 5, 2010

I see blue.

I know that looking at blogs everyday overwhelms me. I see awesome decor, accessories, and crafts that you talented women make and I get so excited and ready to make things. Being that I am very impatient, I seem to start 2 or 3 things at a time and end up having 2 or 3 things unfinished for days. Life happens and the next thing I know almost a week has gone bye.

Well, this week I was supposed to go with Mr. Hollywood to Charleston while he was on set of Army Wives. I was soooooo excited. This was the first opportunity for me to be able to go. I had my Mom keeping the kids and I had taken some days off of work. Then on Saturday we found out that he would be needed for an extra day and that caused me to cancel my plans. OH well.... maybe next time (I say that every time).

Here he is with Wendy Davis (Joan Burton) and Veronika Dominczyk (Brenda Foster) on the set.

While he was gone, I did manage to get Kayla's bookshelf finished.

I had first seen the bookshelves here by Traci at Beneath My Heart.

Then I found the plans by Ana at Knock Off Wood . I took her measurements and sent Mr. Hollywood to HomeDepot to get the wood. I was able to use my jig saw having so much fun.

I let Kayla pick out the color for the shelf. This was so easy and so much fun. I bought the letter K at Joanns (with a coupon) and took some paper I had and glued it to the front. Tomorrow I am going to add cup hooks to the bottom for Kayla to hang her book bag and coat. I will add new pictures once the shelf is on the wall.

I will be linking this up to others posts shortly. Going to go spend what is left of the night with my family!

I have linked to My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday and Saturday Night Special at Funky Junk Interior.

Congratulations to my SIL Jennifer at All things pink and crafty for winning the Just Simply Southern giveaway over at Beneath my heart



  1. Beat all I have ever seen, and you didn't call me. I found out on my own. Well the bookshelf is beautiful and I see ya'll had a great time together last nite, well I guess I'm going to have to join you to be with you.LUM

  2. I am glad I am not the only one with unfinished projects. If you could see my dinning room right now you would run out of my house, trust me I want to run. I hope to tackle it tomorrow aand finish up some stuff, I think Hubby is giving me the evil eye. Maybe he feels we should be able to eat in there or something. I am following you SIL too, you guys looked like you were having so much fun the other night, its great to have someone to craft with. I hope you have a great weekend, even without your hubby. I was great to hear from you the other night.

    Cha Cha

  3. That shelf is amazing! The K really makes it... I can't wait to see the one you make for me! (hint, hint, heheeee) LUM!

  4. So cute and I love that shade of blue! Been dyin to try one of Knockoff wood's projects- isn't she awesome?