Thursday, June 17, 2010

My baby is growing up!

Bittersweet is all that comes to mind. Wednesday night my 5 year old pulled ( really I pulled) his first tooth. I do not know why my babies have to lose their teeth so early. Kayla lost her first tooth right before she turned 5. We even took her to the dentist because we thougth there was no way she should be loosing a tooth so fast. The dentist showed us her x-rays and said they were ready. She is now 8 and has pulled 9 theeth.

So now Brody has lost a tooth. He is so cute. But being "all boy", he has carried his tooth around all day. I was so afraid he was going to lose it so I asked him if we could make something to put it in! This is what we came up with:

I will admit that teeth, that are not in the persons mouth, is gross. This gives him a way to carry it around and not gross me out. I do plan on putting it up for good right along Kayla's first tooth. Right now he wants to show everyone.

How I made his tooth necklace. Well, a few weeks ago I was browsing Archiver's when I spotted these Memory Capsules.

They are incredible. There are so many things I want to use these for. I used scrap paper for the backing and glued (thank you Mod Podge Amy) the paper on to a Tim Holtz fragment. Then I inserted the fragment, tooth and capsule into the memory frame.

Then I took a charm and stamped a B for Brody on it. I plan on putting it on a chain for now so he can show all of his aunts, uncles and cousins. Cute but gross, I know.


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  1. You are right....kinda gross to the general public...LOL. But I bet Brody was SO proud showing everyone, so good for you. You're a very clever mom!

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