Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Kayla Belle

It does not seem like ten years have gone by since I was laying in the hospital, waiting to hold my Kayla Belle!

Now!  here she is, 10 years old and thinks she is 18.  She is my joy!!  and I love her so much!

Last night after she went to bed, I used this applique of the Mockingjay that Apex Embroidery created and made Kayla a birthday shirt.  (Apex Embroidery is awesome!!!)  Jeff and I decided to let her see the Hunger Games over spring break and she loved it!!   Now she really wants to read the books!!  What do I do??   I have talked with a few moms and teachers that have read them to see if they might be too "old" for her.  We are still trying to determine if we will let her!!  What is your opinion?

Birthday Girl

I am so happy how her shirt turned out!  I used the 6 in applique.  I found the "real" mockingjay pin at Target.
Everyone eating blue!

Blue teeth from blue icing!

 We will continue her birthday festivities tonight with her cousins and lots of pizza!!

I love you baby girl!  So proud you are mine!  Thank you God for trusting her with me!!


  1. I'd say to wait until she is at least 13 until she reads the books, they are very very violent!

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    2. Thank you for your comment! Do you think the movie plays down the violence in the book?

  2. Firstly, Awesome name choice ;D Secondly- I love the idea of a custom shirt for a birthday gift- especially if its something the child is into. I've never read the Hunger Games (its on my list...) but when I was about 11 my mom read the Outlander Series and fell in love. She told me a lot about it, but said I had to wait until I was 16 to read it (adultish content). Honestly, I couldn't wait! The idea that I would get to read this thing that my mom loved when I was "mature" and old enough was a great prize. When I turned 16 I read them all and its something my mom and I still share (books are still coming out). I don't know how much of that you can apply to YOUR Kayla, but if you decide she must wait, it might make it all the more special. If you get a chance, I'd love for you to stop by my Sweet Sharing Mondays party!

  3. I was reading very mature books at the age of 10 and I turned out okay. Sort of, lol. These books are absolutely riveting and the reading skill level needed is fairly high. If these books encourage a kid to read (and they will!) then I think its totally worth it. BTW, cute shirt!!

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