Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kooking in the Kitchen with Kayla

I love to cook!!  I always have.  Growing up with 4 brothers and learning how to cook, I only learned how to cook in large amounts.  More and more Kayla has been asking to do more in the kitchen and I have been looking for more way for her to help me.  

Saturday afternoon we were shopping at Kroger and we were offered samples of Aidell's Sausage.  They gave us four different flavors and they were all wonderful!  We purchased the Italian with Mozzarella Cheese along with other ingredients to make spaghetti.
We Get Started!!!
1st edition of Kooking in the Kitchen with Kayla (and her kast!)
~she told me to put that~

Kayla about to start the noodles
Kayla cutting sausage with one hand :)

We placed the sausage on to the Advantium Speedcook tray and popped it in to the oven.  Next, I let Kayla press the SPEEDCOOK pad -> then dial breakfast -> choose breakfast sausage links, 4-8 --> then start.

Sausage Before
Sausage After (sooo delicious, we taste tested it)

Here is a picture of the sauce splatter.  Before we added the sausage.  Once we turned the heat down, Kayla added the sausage to let it simmer in the sauce.

Next we made toast!! in the Advantium!!  And yes, my 12 year old toaster is leaving my counter and coming to work with me.  I don't need it :)

But before the bread went in the Advantium, Kayla took a stick of butter out of the freezer and placed it the Advantium and selected the micorwave Pre-Set Soften - Butter.

From the GE Advantium User Manual

We selected the option to toast and watched it turn golden.

And Volia!!!  Dinner was served and leftovers for lunch!! 
10 year old Kayla!


  1. Oooh that looks sooo good! I think Kayla needs to come be my personal chef! :)

  2. wow, you have some fancy appliances! your dinner looks delish :)