Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sporting Pink!

Look who will be sporting hot pink and glitter through out the
My Kayla Belle

Yep!  That's Kayla!

Monday night the kids were out riding there bikes and scooters when Kayla came running in saying Brody fell off his bike.  I ran out side and saw him laying in the driveway holding his knee and crying.  Thankfully he had on jeans so the scratches were minimal.  I brought him inside and sat on the couch and babied him.  He still lets me do that :)

It wasn't 5 minutes later Kayla comes running in the house telling me she fell off her scooter!!!!  What!!!  You have got to be kidding me!!  She scrapped her knee and was holding her wrist.  She could wiggle her fingers and move her arm but she said it felt like her wrist would pop if she moved it!  I was hoping she was wanting me to baby her on the couch :)

The rest of the evening I watched her and how she moved her arm.  I helped her get a shower and then ready for bed and even propped her arm up for her to sleep.

Tuesday morning she didn't want to get up for school and was still complaining that her wrist still hurt so I took her to urgent care.  I try not to take my kids to the dr. everytime they have a bump or bruise, but she would not move her wrist.

The sweet Dr. at the urgent care took x-rays and wrapped her wrist.  He said it was hard to see anything but a bump BUT better be safe than sorry, why don't we go see an orthopedic specialist.  Your Kidding right???

So, Wednesday morning we headed down to the Ortho. spec. and was told after we had been there almost 30 min. that the Dr. was running an hour behind....

3 hours later, the Dr. showed us on Kayla's x-rays that there was a fracture in her scaphoid bone, and not only was there a fracture, but it is the hardest bone in the hand to heal.  Apparently, the blood flows down your arm into your fingers except for this bone, the blood flows the opposite way.  The cast wearing time for this injury !! 3 months!!

Dr. Tucker was so nice and said we would try for 2 1/2 months instead, depending on the healing. 

Thanks to modern science we now have a pink, glittery, waterproof cast.  YES!  She can shower and swim!! YEAH!!!!  She was told she could even play soccer, if the coach would let her.

She has been such a trooper!  She has not complained of too much pain, she said it gets uncomfortable.  She started to go to sleep last night, but sat up crying in a panic and wanting her Mammy, trying to count how many days was in 2 1/2 months.  Our neighbors brought her a balloon and a card and a bag of M&M's! 

My poor baby girl!

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