Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A BEST Friend and an E-Reader Case

This week I made something for my special friend Farah.  I love her dearly!!

Let me tell you a little about her!!  We first met at work in 2000.   She was interviewing for a job and I was sitting in on the interview. In an instant, I could see that Farah had a glow about her.  We quickly became friends.

We were both newly weds, marrying only two days apart.  In 2002,  we both became pregnant and spent alot of lunch hours eating hot wings.

We laugh all the time and scare each other too!  A few weeks ago, she was hiding in my office,  when I rounded the corner.  Farah  made some noise and scared me so bad I threw my candy bar at her and hit her in the head.  I can't believe I didn't pee on myself!
She is so beautiful!!  Gorgeous Smile and Eyes!

She has been my shoulder to cry on when things have been good and when things have been bad.

I have always heard that if you ever have one true friend like I have with Farah, consider yourself lucky!  I do not think I am lucky, I know that I am blessed!!!

Saturday was her birthday!  I never feel like I do enough for her :(

I wanted to make something special for her, so I made her a case for her Kindle.

Quilted front with Monogram

The back is not quilted, but is padded

Inside is fully lined with a pocket to keep the cord away from the screen

The zipper is hidden!

I made this case using a pattern from Five Star Fonts

I love you my friend, Farah!!! Happy Birthday!!


  1. This is so wonderful!! <3
    I am sure she loved it!!

  2. Hello Tara,
    Your handmade kindle case is the perfect birthday gift for your dear friend. Nice Work!
    Smiles, Paula

  3. I LOVE THIS POST!!! What a sweet tribute to your friend! And, I love your kindle cover...you sew such ADORABLE items...I wish I knew how! Thanks for sharing your sweet story and kindle cover @ Toot Your Horn Tuesday with us :)


  4. I love this! I am a new follower. www.discoverytoysmom.com

  5. You are both lucky to have each other as friends and I am sure Farrah liked her gift! happy birthday, Farrah! we will be feaututing this today. so if you can stop by the blog to grab your featured button, that would be cool! ^^)

    have a fab weekend!



  6. What a wonderful friendship you have and such a beautiful gift.

  7. Beautiful kindle case! I just need more hours in my day!

  8. She will love it. Happy for your wonderful friendship. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  9. You're such a wonderful friend! I bet she loved the case!

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  10. This is such a nice givt, Tara! I would love if you would link this or another sewing post up to my new link party just for the fiber arts, and please tell your friends!