Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy National Pi Day

Good morning!

Wow! My post are few and far between. I have been been crafting, I promise, but also along with girl scouts, girl scout cookies, baseball, work, school, kids, husband, holidays, trips, 2 new nephews, etc..... and the list goes on. I wonder why I wake up with indegestion or why I don't sleep. My mind constantly going... what to do next. I feel like my house is not a home sometimes, just a place to sleep and change clothes. Thank you for sticking with me though!!

I wanted to show you what I got for my birthday/Christmas!
I love it!!! It is a Brother SE400, sewing/embroidery machine. I think it is my favorite gift yet!!

I have had so much fun with this machine. I can just download embroidery designs and make all kinds of things "in-the-hoop".

With the addition of two new nephews, I have been embroidering and sewing things for them, even thought they haven't gotten them yet! Sorry Jameson and Jack :( Tata is trying.

Anyway, I had seen these online when searching for baby things to make. I call them "Winki-Dinks" or Jeff calls them "Pup-tents".

What I did first is trace a large circle using a bowl on two coordinating fabrics . The bowl was about 8 - 9 inches round. One fabric was cotton and the other was a soft flannel. Then I folded the circles in half and pressed them to get a line and then cut them in half.

Next I embroidered Jacks initials on on the cotton fabric. Then I took the embroidered fabric and one of the flannel half circles and sewed them right sides together. Then I turned the fabrics out and again pinned the right sides together, sewing up one side making a cone. It was at this time I realized that I had monogrammed the "Winki Dink" upside down... grrrr...

But that is ok. Nicole and Robby can see the monogram while they are looking at beautiful Jack (and are kept shielded).

Here is six of them that I made. One large circle makes two covers. The flannel inside all six of them is a coordinating brown.

Once I had finished the covers, I made a cute little bag for them to be stored in so Nicole can throw them in her diaper bag and go!

Finally, I finished a crafted blog!

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Have a wonderful day and Happy National Pi Day!


  1. so cute! Love the little bags you made to package them.

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  2. I just purchased a brother se400 and Ive been trying to figure out how to monogram on it. Did you have to purchase additional software to monogram?

  3. TheAngels4 ~ I did download free software from Stitch Era

    It is easy to use, although I have not used it for more than monogramming. It lets you use you fonts from your computer. I didnt have your email to respond to you, but email me and I can explain more! Tara