Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So Proud of Brody

Over the weekend Brody had his first baseball game. He had two chances at bat. His first at bat he got on base. The second time around he struck out. He would look me and his dad and give us thumbs up. I am so proud of him!

We have wanted to put both Kayla and Brody in sports, but for one reason or another it never seemed to happen. Kayla started Daisey's when she was five and is now in Brownies. We just finished a round of girl scout cookies! I think she would give up Brownies if we put her in sports. We are going to, just trying to get her to decide on just one.

This weekend we got a call that Brody had an audition and we would need to put him on tape and send it. Anything "showbiz" related Jeff gets to handle. He knows all the ins and outs and all of the technical jargon. Brody and Jeff rehearsed his line as I watched. Brody and Kayla blow my mind on how well they can memorize. I can not! My mind goes too fast.

Brody is 6 and in just 30 min. this is what Jeff got Brody to do.

He blows my mind. I could not be prouder of him. "Break A Leg" Brody.

The tape has been submitted and now we play the waiting game to hear if there are call backs. Either way! Momma is Proud!!! Here is Daddy's Resume!!


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